Hays County

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picture of Census educational materials

The League partners with the 2020 U.S. Census

The U.S. Census determines state and local funding of services for the next decade and is used in redistricting.

photo of mail-in-ballot application

Voting By Mail promotes voter and poll worker safety

COVID-19 poses significant risks to voters. The League advocates that eligible voters apply to vote by mail.

Apply to vote by mail
photo of League members' rally

The League advocates for Fair Maps and protests gerrymandering

League members rally for Fair Maps and against gerrymandering. Fair maps protect voters rights.

photo of Candidates Forum

Candidates forums and debates are part of the League's mission to educate voters

The League hosts nonpartisan forums that allow voters to educate themselves on the candidates and issues.

picture of student learning about VOTE411 voter tool

League's VOTE411 nonpartisan educational tool helps voters of all ages

2020 Webby People's Voice Award Winner, VOTE411.org allows voters to prepare to cast an informed vote.

picture of voter registration

Register to Vote!

Texas still does not have online voter registration!  Fill out, print, sign & mail in your application today!

Register here!

100 Years of Women Having the Right to Vote in Texas

Hays County League members help celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Texas League.


Backpack Full of Cash fundraiser and educational event

LWV Hays County's Team DS host panelists on the topic of charter schools vs. public education.

photo of voters trying new voting machines

Hays County voters try proposed new voting machines

LWV HaysCo program gives attendees opportunities to try proposed new voting machines.

photo of county elections staff explaining one model of new hybrid voting machines

New voting machines being tried with Hays County elections staff assisting

LWV HaysCo program "Safeguarding Voters Rights" allows a chance to try proposed voting machines.

photo of attendees at LWV Hays County program "Safeguarding Voters Rights"

Educating voters on Safeguarding Voters Rights

Learning about transitioning to use of Vote Centers on Election Day.

photo: Comal, Travis, and Guadalupe counties' elections administrators

Educational program on Vote Centers hosted by LWV Hays County

Elections administrators in neighboring county discuss the transition to use of Vote Centers on Election Day.

Photo of presenters and audience Supporting Fair and Just Voting program

Program on Supporting Fair and Just Voting

League hosts experts on 2019 Texas legislative session expected issues, including voter suppression.

Two LWV Hays County members check bid sheets during silent auction

Annual Wine and Beer Tasting Fundraiser and Silent Auction

Dorothy Knight and Jan Rudnicki check silent auction bids during 31st Annual Texas Wine and Beer Tasting

photo of Teresa Carbajal Ravet of Team DS presenting on expanding voter participation

Teresa with Team DS presents DEI program to League members

Program on Expanding Voter Participation by being a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization

Texas State University students wait for polls to open on Election Day

The League monitored Texas State University students' access to voting in the 2018 mid-terms.

Students wait for polls to open at the LBJ Student Center, November 6, 6:30 a.m.


Registering college students creates life-long voters

Registering and educating young voters is a primary activity of League members.

Participants in a joint deputy voter registration training for Travis and Hays counties.

Training voter registrars

Hays and Travis county LWV members participate in joint deputy voter registrar training.

Texas State students in line to vote.

LWV HaysCo challenges voting barriers faced by Texas State University students

A threatend lawsuit ensured Texas State University students had more days and hours to vote.

Hays County


The League is proud to be nonpartisan, neither supporting nor opposing political candidates or political parties at any level of government, but always working on vital issues of concern to members and the public.

Our mission is Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.

Are you looking for a way to get involved? Stand with the League for justice and democracy!


Making Democracy Work

2020 Hays County Run-Off Elections

Election Day Tuesday, December 8 
Early Voting Saturday Nov. 28-Friday Dec. 4th
Run-Off Races in Hays County
San Marcos Mayor
Juan Miguel Arredondo
Jane Hughson (I)
San Marcos City Council Place 5
Omar Baca
Mark Gleason
Kyle Mayor
Travis Mitchell (i)
Linda Tenorio
Note: At this time, no League / Vote411 information is available for the Kyle race. Vote411 is a volunteer effort with a team of local community volunteers formulating questions based on knowledge of local issues. Several towns in Hays County have grown their membership to the point where that work can be done.

Candidate Recordings and Vote411 Info

The League of Women Voters of Hays County's Candidate Forums' video and audio for the San Marcos Mayor and City Council Races are posted on our Forums Recording page here. The recording was made before the Nov. 3 General Election so it includes candidates eliminated in that election and places for which there is no runoff. The Mayor and City Council portion of the forum recording covers approximately the first two hours. The third hour covers SMCISD races, none of which ended in a runoff.

To use VOTE411.ORG to compare candidates' positions, click on the image or scan the QR code to go to Vote411.org where you can choose your candidates.

VOTE411 QR Code

VOTE411 with tagline



Polling locations for early voting and election day voting in the Hays County runoff elections is available


The Hays County Elections Office makes results and turnout data for votes in Hays County, whether for local, statel, or national races.